Kevin Badni

Low cost web based virtual reality and augmented reality applications are web based so anyone with a standard web browser can navigate around and view the models. This allows many people to share and experience the applications.

Kevin Badni Kevin Badni


An interactive tour of Captain Cook's most famous ship, the Endeavour, which includes a interior view of the Great Room. This model was created as accurately as possible with the curator of the HMS Endeavour replica based in Sydney Australia, and accompanied the BBC's television programme 'The Ship'..

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Created for the BBC's History site this exploratory 3D model of the Tudor flagship, the Mary Rose, which was the flagship of Henry VIII was accurately modelled using information and models held by the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

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World War One Trench Model Working with historians, text books and historical accounts this interactive 3D model was created to accompany the BBC's television series 'The Trench'.

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This demonstration piece was used to showcase the potential of using web based 3D rendering engines to creative navigational platforms for new visitors visiting large campuses.

An exploratory virtual reality representation of a new tennis complex. The virtual veality layout and design was available via the internet to a variety of interested parties. This allowed them to review and comment on the design before construction began. Being able to see the layout in 3D removed any misunderstandings of architectural drawings.