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A specialist product design service supporting the entire product development program has been offered incorporating product quality and added value with the aim of producing a proof of principle to full manufacturing package.

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Topshop Ltd is a fashion retailer within the Arcadia Group, whose target market is the 15-23 year old females. They required a new concept to merchandise their cosmetics range that stood apart from traditional P.O.S. fabrications.
The container system and components had to be available for distribution to 160 stores in the UK within a three-month time scale. Through the use of CAD, RP and vac castings the tight deadline was met.

An low cost adjustable depth sensitive helical cutter was required for use by service engineers to remove the outer skin from specialised co-extruded pressure pipes. The design had to absorb the pipes variable cross sections whilst keeping the cutting head at a specific depth. The cutting action was further complicated by the extreme field conditions and restricted working envelope.

The client had identified an opportunity for a more effective design of cool box to carry vaccines, blood products and transplant organs exploiting the benefits of solid state cooling devices and monitoring the system with an integral microprocessor. The design concept was optimised for useability, capacity, thermal efficiency, weight, cost and transportability. The design was awarded a millennium design award.

A redesign of a femoral nail insertion tool was required to replace the existing stainless steel design with a composite carbon fibre tool. The new design was optimised so as not to obscure x-ray photographs, but still retain the structural strength and accuracy required whilst undertaking an intramedullary femoral nail insertion operation.

Designed for dynamic lighting rigs the high impact injection moulded case have the options of UV colour coding. The casings were also designed for quick release for fast access servicing and lamp change. SLA models and vac casting short batch runs were used to prove the concept in a dynamic simulation before investing in the full injection moulding route.

An engineering design for a hub based motor, using DFMA processes.

A capsule holder designed to hold ten Nespresso® capsules made from high quality acrylic front plate and either a laser etched wood veneered or coloured high gloss back plate.
Kevin Badni


  Kevin Badni