Kevin Badni

Kevin Badni's art work uses a variety of materials and processes to investigate and challenge the perceptions of vision. Through his work he exploits high-end technological systems and interlace them in to my work. The artworks are all based around the human experience.  His work aims to reproduce subconsciously familiar visual and aural signals but then rearrange them into new conceptually layered installations.  By creating art work which manipulates and jolts the perception of expected vision the viewer is inspired to reflect upon a unique and highly personal revelation.

Kevin Badni Kevin Badni


Part of the Tashkeel and Van Cleefs and Arpels Metamorphosis curated exhbition, this interactive installation took the reflection of the viewer and through a controlled metamorphosis changed it into discreet entities. The expected mirror image was transformed and reduced to the base essence of the reflection. An accompanying aural soundtrack which interacts with the reflection added to the human experience.

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"Above" Opus exhibition
A sub-level crystal fractured sculpture exhibited at Sharjah Art Foundation's Art Spaces as part of the Opus 2014 exhbition.

Victory of Samothrace
Using eye tracking methods the famous sculpture of the goddess Nike was scanned and recreated as thousands of individual voxels. The colour plays homage to Yves Klein's own sculpture of the Vicorty of Samothrace.

An interactive art piece at the Sikka 2014 Art Fair in Dubai, that consisted of a low Bedouin inspired seat and an image projected through a screen made from local camel leather. The image took the essence of the participant and only formed when the participant was calm and still. An aural soundtrack which interacted with the reflection added to the human experience

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Dream Time
In conjunction with NESTA fellow Jo Fairfax, a fully immersive Virtual reality installation was created. Viewers were sat in a revolving thrown and were fully immersed in to a unique Virtual reality world. Audio and visual stimuli were used to transport them to a dreamlike world. 


Inside Out:Sculpture in the Digital Age
artists were invited to create unique sculptures that could be rapid prototyped around the world. My scupture used 3000 eye tracked points to create aunique sculpture of a model’s head.

Exhibitions held at Object Gallery, Sydney; Righton Gallery, Manchester; DMU Cube Gallery, Leicester; The Poly, Falmouth.

Big Head 1
A few seconds glance at a model captured with bespoke 3D eyetracking equipment and software, transformed into large sculptural instlation at the Big Picture Art exhibition at the Pro Art Gallery Dubai.

Big Head 2
Implementing new eye tracking data a second large head sculpture was createed for the international Sikka 2016 Art fair.

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Big Head 3
A bronzed head model was created using a lost wax process, some major issues of renetrant features had to be overcome to create the sculpture.

Big Head
The gold and blue big head scultprue was exhbitied at the Discerning Eye Art exhbition at the Mall Galleries in London.

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Big Head
The Silver big head sculpture was exhbited at the LeRoy Neiman Center, Chicago.

Big Head
The black big head sculpture is currently on sale at the Pro Art Gallery, Dubai.

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